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D-98660 Themar

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In 2001 project Kinwai in Hong Kong

Projekt Kinwai In 2001 we were active for the Homag project Kinwai in Hong Kong. On this occasion, it concerned a new work which should produce furniture parts for the Asian market. The arrangement exists of the filling of Bargstedt and both edge processing machines of Homag. The higher leading calculator serves for the exact and time-right issue of the production data near the respective machine calculators.

In 2005 move of the machine park of Schiedermöbel

Projekt Schieder Möbel In 2005 we were instructed with the move of the furniture work by Schieder. Our job lay to dismantle the existing production plants and single machines and to load. In the new work the machines were unloaded again, mounted and run anew.

In 2008 project Swedwood in the USA

Projekt Swedwood Danville Since January, 2008 we are active by order of the Homag AG as well as for Bargstedt in the USA.
With this project it concerns the first work of Swedwood in the United States.
Swedwood is the main producer for IKEA.
The assembly of the production plants counted to our field of application, introduction of the single machines, training of the machine operators, training of the maintenance staff, optimise of the production processes as well as the customer care after decrease.
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